• R.I.S.A is the private 501(C)4 corporation that manages Ryderwood. The Office is located at 305 Morse St. in the NW corner of Community Hall.
  • Formed in 1953 by Senior Estates (prior to HOAs) it manages the business affairs of the town.
  • Link to the RISA Bylaws is posted above.
  • R.I.S.A. Board members are all volunteers.
  • The Town's only paid employees are the RISA office staff.

Ryderwood is a Firewise Community

  • Ryderwood has been a Firewise Community since 2009. 
  • Firewise is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association; co-sponsors are USDA Forest Service, the US Interior Department, and the National Association of State Foresters. 
  • Ryderwood's Firewise program has received State Farm Community Program grants for its programs.
  • The Communities Program is an interagency effort that encourages local solutions for wildfire safety.
  • Ryderwood meets the goal of reducing the risks of wildfire by organizing clean-up and brush chipping twice a year. 
  • Visit firewise.org for information.

The reason RISA low dues ares only because volunteers provide nearly all of the retirement community's needs.  At the going rate of $24 per hour for IRS In-Kind Donations, only millionaires could afford to live here!

Cowlitz-Lewis Fire District #20

  • Fire protection and Emergency Medical Services for Vader (Station 1) and Ryderwood (Station 2) are provided by this unique across-county-lines merged department.
  • Ryderwood's excellent homeowner's insurance rates rely on having six (6) active Firefighters living in town.
  • ​Advance Life Support (ALS) Medic service is provided by "Lewis Co. Medic 1".
  • Firefighters and Emergency Responders meet all National and State requirements. All training and gear is provided by the District. 
  • Interested volunteers should contact Station #1 (Vader) at 360-295-0906. 

Ryderwood, Washington ~ "The Town With Two Histories"

1923-53: "World's Largest Logging Town";

Since 1953, the Oldest "Planned Community for Retired Persons". 

Ryderwood Dance & Social Club

  • The Ryderwood Cafe building is completely supported by donations and the efforts of Social Club volunteers.
  • Volunteers serve Burgers, Soups & Salads on Mondays from 4-6p.m.; Biscuits & Gravy on Wednesday mornings from 7:30-9:30 a.m.; and Friday night dinners @ 5 p.m.
  • ​The building serves as the Town's emergency center


• AMVETS Post 7010: Established in 2014

• VFW Post 7010: Established more than 30 years ago.

• Town Breakfast, 1st Saturday 

• 4th of July Parade and Picnic in the Park,

• All funds generated are reinvested in the Town.

• Both groups have resources to help veterans and their spouses access benefits.

• The groups provide volunteer labor for many Town projects.