Community Hall in Ryderwood.

The RISA Office is located in the northeast corner of Community Hall. (The old Pool Hall.)

305 Morse Street

P. O. Box 143
Ryderwood, WA 98581


T: (360) 295-3651​; F: (360) 295-3690

Office hours: 
Monday, Wednesday Friday 
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Appointments by request.

Please allow 48 hours for responses to phone messages or emails.

Welcome to Ryderwood, WA 98581​

The Village in the Woods

Ryderwood History Club

RISA Town Office

The Ryderwood History Club is located in the southeast corner of Community Hall. (The old Barber Shop.)

303 Morse St.

P. O. Box 114

Ryderwood, WA 98581


​We welcome any questions, information or artifacts to share. Facebook users are invited to join our private "You know you're from Ryderwood, WA if you remember..." group.