In this 2019 episode of the Washington Our Home podcast, fearless field guide Erich Ebel digs into Ryderwood's two histories and interviews those who still call the former logging town home.​​

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Welcome to Ryderwood, WA 98581

The Village in the Woods

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Ryderwood History Club
303 Morse St.; P. O. Box 114; Ryderwood, WA 98581

2019 Long-Bell Old-Timers Reunion

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Ryderwood Stories

Survivors of the Long-Bell era and their families have held reunions nearly every year since 1954. Needless to say, the numbers are dwindling, but their families continue the tradition. Some folks come from as far away as North Carolina. The History Project has provided activities for the reunions since 2017. This past year, a grant through the Cowlitz Co. Historic Preservation Commission, helped produce professional audio and video recordings.

History Project Notes: 

       1. Long-Bell's LP&N Railroad originated in Ryderwood (dedicated 8-7-1923) and terminated in Longview (dedicated 4-4-1925). While the railroad was built from north to south, the electrical system was marching south to north. See Follow the Logs.

    2. In 1953, Senior Estates was the sole developer of the new retirement community. The partnership with Hacienda Estates was in the early 70's. See Retirees page.