All are invited to visit the beautiful and historic Ryderwood Community Church, located at 315 Jackson St. Services are Sundays at 10:45 a.m. in the sanctuary. Men's, women's and co-ed Bible Study group meet weekly and the Ryderwood Women's Christian Service meets monthly. There are also monthly Pot Blessings and "Sing-Spirations". 

History note: Pioneer Hall  has been placed on the Cowlitz Co. Register of Historic Places.

The Ryderwood Café is totally self-supporting thanks to generous donations and a part-time meal service for the community and neighbors. Burgers, soups and salads are served from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Mondays; breakfast is served on Wednesday from 7:30-9:30; and a sit-down dinner is served on Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Dinner reservations requested: Call 360-295-4005. 


The Cafe is open every morning for self-serve coffee and snacks. It also serves as a  meeting place for some groups and functions as well as the town's designated emergency shelter with back-up generator.​​​

History note: The Church was built in 2 stages, the Annex at right completed in 1926. The larger Sanctuary was dedicated 2-2-27.  It was the final building Long-Bell architect E. N. Larry designed, who passed away before the building was dedicated. The retirees reorganized the Church in 1954, and it was incorporated in 1966 as Ryderwood Community Church to be independent, institutionally, of all other Church organizations.

Ryderwood Improvement & Service Association, Inc. - RISA

305 Morse Street; P. O. Box 143; Ryderwood, WA 98581
T: 360-295-3651​; F: 360-295-3690; Email: 

Pioneer Hall is located at 201 Morse, just across Second St. from the lovely Memorial Garden. It is home to the Ryderwood Women's Club, who has been the building's caretaker since the 1970's. The building served as the loggers' First Aid Station, with "Doc" Sulis treating injured loggers, removing tonsils and delivering lots of babies.

Located in the middle of town, the Community Hall is the largest structure you see. The first large building built in 1923, it has served multiple purposes for the community for these 100 years. The double doors in the two-story section lead to a large auditorium with stage. The single story includes a large dining room and commercial kitchen. Many meetings and activities take place in this building.

History note: Community Hall has been placed on the Cowlitz Co. Register of Historic Places. Photo: RHP private collection, 2016.

Retirement Community

Since 1953, Ryderwood has been a community reserved for retirees. All 275 properties are privately owned with deeds that limit occupancy to those over the age of 55. (RISA Bylaws and/or Cowlitz Co. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions - CC&Rs). Homeowners belong to the Ryderwood Improvement & Service Association (RISA), whose elected volunteer Board of Trustees manages the town's business and pays the bills. Current Association dues of $40/mo.  includes weekly trash collection and street lights along with community property expenses.

While the town is a designated golf cart zone, many residents can be seen walking and riding bicycles. The park, lake, paved streets, and walks in the woods offer many opportunities to get a breath of fresh air. Many social activities, potlucks, gatherings, and volunteer opportunities are available for all who wish to participate.

See Services for information on available amenities for those living at the beginning of SR 506. See Contact for Town Office hours.


There is always something​ happening in Ryderwood!  The monthly Ryderwood Reporter and Nextdoor site keeps residents informed about group and service club meetings, etc. In-town dining options include Cafe meals (available 2-3 times a week), weekly Senior Nutrition meals, monthly Social Club Potlucks and Town Breakfasts.

The very active Social Club also hosts Community holiday feasts at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as manages various community events, such as concerts and sock hops with Castle Rock High School students. All their proceeds support community activities. 

The Women's Club has been the caretaker of the historic Pioneer Hall for many  years. Their fund-raising activities include Spring and Fall Garage Sales and Fall Craft Fair. They meet monthly and serve as community volunteers.

Ryderwood's VFW Post #7010 meets monthly and provides many volunteer services for the community.

The Ryderwood Crazy-Hats ladies love to dress up in the red and purple and have a good time.​ Each month, they have a Gathering at the Cafe and a lunch Outing.

The Ryderwood Women's Christian Service (RWCS) meets monthly and holds Bake Sales to support its mission.

Ryderwood Improvement & Service Association

305 Morse Street; P. O. Box 143; Ryderwood, WA 98581
T: 360-295-3651​; F: 360-295-3690; 

History note: The original Long-Bell Merc. burned in the late 1990's  and  the current building was made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and volunteer labor.

Welcome to Ryderwood, WA 98581

The Village in the Woods

Ryderwood's little lending Library ​is open weekdays. There is a large variety of books (hard bound and paperback), magazines, books on tape, DVDs and CDs, jigsaw puzzles. Ryderwood residents are eligible for library cards from both the Timberland System (Winlock is closest branch) and the Longview Public Library. The building was originally a Café for the loggers.

The Town Served by Volunteers

Ryderwood has a long history of volunteerism, with residents performing many of the basic maintenance and upkeep of the town and its community properties. Other than the Post Office staff, RISA's two part-time office staff are the town's only paid employees. 

Empty counter stools inside the Ryderwood cafe.

History note: This building has been placed on the Cowlitz Co. Register of Historic Places. Photo: RHP private collection, 2007.

Learn more about Ryderwood's utilities and services and the ​​Retirement Community History:

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