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The Ryderwood History Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that depends on grants and donations to pursue our mission. Consider supporting our effort by becominga Member, making a donation, or purchasing collectibles.

Calendars have been produced annually since 2017. The current year's cover is pictured below. The Town with Two Histories history booklet includes the first three calendar history pages. They are full of photographs and historical  information. Printing costs were covered by a grant from the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

High quality prints of our digital photo collection are available for a donation.

​The History Project has worked closely with RISA and the Ryderwood Women's Club to place Pioneer Hall, Community Hall and the Library buildings on the Cowlitz Co. Register of Historic Places.

Learn more about Ryderwood's histories at:

 ​Photo credits: Upper left Café 2-2-1926, Longview Public Library; Upper right, Pioneer Hall  RHP private collection, date unknown; Lower left: Log of Long-Bell, 3-1945; Lower right: 6-9-1924, Longview Public Library.

How to Support the History Project:

303 Morse St.; P. O. Box 114
Ryderwood, WA 98581
Email: RyderwoodHistory@gmail.com

With Ryderwood and Longview approaching their centennials in 2023, members of Ryderwood's AMVETs Post 7010 formed the Ryderwood History Project (RHP) in 2015.  These volunteers compiled an extensive digital collection that includes scans of many original photos, videos, documents, oral and written histories. 

The Project formed a charitable 501(c)3 corporation in 2017 with the mission to discover, collect, preserve and share this unique community's two histories. Tax-deductible donations have made updated hardware and software that allows RHP to connect and share with other historic preservation associations, including the Smithsonian.

Ryderwood is represented on the Cowlitz Co. Historic Preservation Commission and the Heritage Association of the Lower Columbia (HALC). Ryderwood's private collection is augmented with multiple resources including but not limited to:  Cowlitz Co. Historical MuseumLongview Public Library, University of Washington, Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation,  WA State Historical Society, and Kansas City Museum

The digital collection includes scanned photographs, documents, oral and written histories and videos. This is an ongoing process and new information and artifacts are always welcome. Email or "snail mail" us at the addresses provided; OR Facebook users can join our private "You know you're from Ryderwood, WA if you remember..." group where information can be shared.

Beyond the Digital Collection

The Project houses a small collection in the SE corner of Community Hall - the old Barber Shop. It is currently open by appointment. Historic photos are hung in both the Community Hall Dining Room and the Café.​

The Project has hosted and organized various events that have shared Ryderwood's early history over the years. In addition to those below, Town Tour Hayrides are held on occasions when visitors are in town. See the 2019 Old-Timers Reunion video on the Memories page.​

Four custom-designed mugs featuring then-and-now images of Ryderwood, Washington.
Front cover of The Town with Two Histories booklet.

In conjunction with the Cowlitz Co. Historical Museum, the Project hosted a screening of the 1926 silent movie about Long-Bell on 1-21-2016. The event was “standing room only” in Ryderwood’s large Community Hall Auditorium.

The May 2018 Heritage Association of the Lower Columbia quarterly meeting was held in Ryderwood. The meeting was in Community Hall and the Cafe staff served a nice lunch.

Ryderwood History Project logo.

Ryderwood History Project
303 Morse St.; P. O. Box 114; Ryderwood, WA 98581
Email: RyderwoodHistory@gmail.com 

Welcome to Ryderwood, WA 98581

The Village in the Woods

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“A Visit with Vernetta” (Smith) was held in Ryderwood’s historic Community Church August of 2015. Son Orin Smith was born in Pioneer Hall. The Chehalis Public Library is named for her.

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Cover of the Ryderwood 2020 calendar